Saturday, April 12, 2014

Prayer Sticks

Have you ever made a prayer stick? I learned how from the Hopi to, especially for the Winter Solstice, make what they call Paho. As the feathers are attached to the stick prayers are said. They are placed in the earth for safe keeping.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Flicker Prayer Stick,
drawing on Twinrocker Linen paper, 22x15"
I made this one last time I was in Colorado, before the floods of last year. West of the Mississippi River, flickers are coral underneath, instead of yellow in the East. I drew a few correspondences from Sun Bear's Earth astrology: as Flicker represents the month of Cancer, the flower is rose, the mineral is carnelian agate, and it is the Strong Sun Moon - Summer Solstice, yes, when I was there.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Hawk Prayer Stick,
drawing on Twinrocker Linen paper, 22x15"

Pictured here is a Prayer Stick of Hawk feathers I found walking my dogs on my land. they are attached to a paint brush that has dried paint.

The texture on this Twinrocker 100% Linen paper takes pencil marks so well. The graphite is so easily extended with a tortillion, and you can add and add more graphite, continuing to create great shading. Also with the colored pencil, I found I could add many layers without the paper becoming saturated. In some areas, like the top blue area I just wanted it to look like pencil strokes, not blended.

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