Saturday, September 27, 2014

Please Read My New Blog Posts on my Website

From now on, please  click here to read posts on my renovated site. My website address is the same, it is all integrated now on a WordPress platform. Thank you so much for your interest in my art. Please let me know what you think about the new look.
Kathleen O'Brien, Talisman for Tibet, ancient Tibetan turquoise, beads, mica, paint, grapevine, fabric, 8 x 8"
On my new blog I have announced a new direction I am taking with beads...I will be showing these new things for the first time November 1 & 2 at this years Annual Open Studio ARTTOUR.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Taking Time Off

Just so you know, I'm spending most of my summer renovating my website! And gardening...
©Kathleen O'Brien, peppers picked

...walking the dogs...
©Kathleen O'Brien, one of our darling Corgis

...and occasionally lollygagging behind the morning glories reading books...
©Kathleen O'Brien, heading toward the shade
...but always keeping busy. Until next time, I hope your summer is wonderful.
©Kathleen O'Brien, behind the heavenly Morning Glory wall

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Collaborating part 3 print and draw with us

Leslie Patterson-Marx's etching of the bird silhouette inspired this collaboration.
©O'Brien & Marx, 4 Elements All Around, etching, drawing, 10x12", $250. unframed

I wrote my script on the straight lines of the etching. With colored pencils I drew the egg and the symbols of the 4 elements on the border surrounding the etching, and the ribbon.

We really hope you come in to try your hand at monoprinting and drawing - it is very fulfilling, and we'll be there to assist. 

NOTE: If you cannot make it to the printing day, May 10 and only want to draw on the 17th and 24th, do bring paper! the better the paper, the better results.

This piece is also a collaboration with lots of drawing on Leslie's silkscreen.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Collaborating part 2

The thing I like about collaborating is that there is a place to start from, instead of facing the empty white sheet of paper.
©O'Brien & Marx, Round & Round, silkscreen, colored pencils, petals, 17x14", $500. unframed

In this one, I drew a bit on Lesley's bees, and surrounded them with drawn circles and honey comb. I tore out a section at the upper left then glued the whole piece over a drawing I had started. Embellished with Hydrangea and Forget-Me-Not flowers.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Collaborating part 1

Part of the inspiration for the exhibit, Birds of a Feather, which opens in two days, has been collaborating with guest artist, Leslie Patterson-Marx, print-maker. The last time I created etchings or lithographs was in 1967, at Kunstshule Rodel, Mannheim Germany. So when Leslie suggested that she could demonstrate monoprinting as part of our exhibit, that sparked the idea to collaborate by drawing on her prints. She sent a few prints to me and I began to work on them with my pencils.
©O'Brien & Marx, The Fey at Play, etching, graphite, silver leaf, petals, 17x14", $500. unframed
In this one, I left Leslie's etching mostly untouched, except for the series of soft straight graphite marks along the bottom. On the border of the etching I added powdered graphite. On the top half are tiny dots of silver leaf, on the bottom, I erased circles and gave them their own shadows. Next,

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Guest Post, Leslie Patterson-Marx, monoprints

Hello! My name is Lesley Patterson-Marx and I am happy to be a guest blogger for Kathleen O’Brien, with whom I am showing work in our upcoming exhibition at MS Rezny Studio/Gallery. Don’t miss our opening reception on May 9 from 4-7 pm. On May 10, I will be at the gallery from 12:30-3 with my small printmaking press, ready to demonstrate for you a printmaking process called “monoprint”. You will have the chance to make your own monoprint that day, and bring it back to draw on with Kathleen on May 17 or 24. Please stop by and try this simple process which yields beautiful results!

A monoprint is a single impression of a painted image or texture made from a repeatable matrix. Rather than printing multiple identical copies of an image, each monoprint impression is unique. At MS Rezny 
Studio/Gallery, I will be demonstrating the process applying printing ink to a flat surface and transferring it to paper. 
©Leslie Patterson-Marx
Step 1: In this image, you see that the roller is applying ink to the surface of a plastic plant that I found on one of my daily walks. It is also possible to make a monoprint impression of a real plant! Bring one of your own in to try if you like. The only rule is that it should be fairly flat.
©Leslie Patterson-Marx
Step 2: Once the texture has been rolled with ink, place it inky side down onto printmaking paper. The paper is now on top of the press bed. Cover with protective paper to protect the press blankets. In this case, I’m using newsprint. Fold the blankets down, turn the wheel and roll it through!
©Leslie Patterson-Marx
Step 3: Lift up the press blankets and unfold the protective paper to reveal your image!

I hope that you will stop by MS Rezny Studio/Gallery on May 10 to make a monoprint! Feel free to bring any small plants, lace, or other textures that you would like to try printing. I will have textures available, as well as all other supplies. This event, as well as Kathleen’s drawing sessions, are free of charge, but donations will be accepted. See you soon!