Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Collaborating part 1

Part of the inspiration for the exhibit, Birds of a Feather, which opens in two days, has been collaborating with guest artist, Leslie Patterson-Marx, print-maker. The last time I created etchings or lithographs was in 1967, at Kunstshule Rodel, Mannheim Germany. So when Leslie suggested that she could demonstrate monoprinting as part of our exhibit, that sparked the idea to collaborate by drawing on her prints. She sent a few prints to me and I began to work on them with my pencils.
©O'Brien & Marx, The Fey at Play, etching, graphite, silver leaf, petals, 17x14", $500. unframed
In this one, I left Leslie's etching mostly untouched, except for the series of soft straight graphite marks along the bottom. On the border of the etching I added powdered graphite. On the top half are tiny dots of silver leaf, on the bottom, I erased circles and gave them their own shadows. Next,
I glued that to a Twinrocker may Linen paper. Using a variety of pencil grades, 9H - 6B, and powderd graphite I drew the ribbon shapes. I finished with adding Clary Sage petals and Hoya flowers - I love their star shape.

We look forward to seeing you May 10 when Leslie will demonstrate, you can make a print, then bring it back May 17 and/or May 24 to draw on it using my pencils.

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