Wednesday, April 9, 2014

52 Sound Paintings, Helen Davey

Helen Davey is celebrating her 52nd year by composing a piece of music to and art work once a week, 52 Sound Paintings. I encourage you to check out her varied styles and sounds, I am so amazed. In preparation for her composing to my Pentad we shared a delightful 2 hour Skype chat - Switzerland to Kentucky.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Pentad, Mystery of Numbers, detail

I received the notification that it was ready and loaded on her site on April 4. I just love the meditative quality to her 6 minute The Phi of Five. She did more research into the golden mean and composed it in 5/4 meter and used the Fibonacci series. Read more about her process, she would love to her your response to this and the others you may hear on her site since she started last November.

I you would like to view/listen/buy her music in high quality format, check this site.

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