Saturday, June 29, 2013

UK Wood-firing at the ArtFarm

Earlier in April, Hunter Stamps,  Assistant Professor of Ceramics, University of Kentucky gave us a fascinating demonstration of the  UK Anagama Wood Kiln.It is the hottest wood fire we have ever experienced. The temperature reaches2340 degrees.  His explanations give us a deeper appreciation of pottery fired by this intensive method. 

The process involves keeping a fire going for 4 full days. Each day requires about 1 cord of wood. He and his students were burning wood donated that would otherwise be headed for landfill.  This inferno is fed every few minutes around the clock. Hunter had asked Greg about his wood fired bread oven because he wanted to build a temporary one so they could cook pizzas during this long venture. Nice teacher! You can see their oven midway in the video. It took a full week for the kiln to cool down. When unloaded the beautiful effects of flame and ash on the many objects inside were revealed. I am so glad I met Hunter through the Al Smith Fellowship 2012, Kentucky Arts Council. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bird Bliss for Soiree

We were amazed when the Cardinal couple started nesting in our butterfly bush, so close to our porch. It has been a wonderful spring, verdant because of rain and more birds than ever. Perhaps all occupied space was taken up in the trees on the property. They inspired me to push myself to do another series for the Art Sale Soiree, 2 weeks from now.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Cardinal Bliss, watercolor, drawing, Poppy petals & sepals, collage, 15 x 11"
The Cardinal is our state bird, most welcome in the winter, bringing cheer. If I did not love the effect of the transparency of the Poppy petals, I would not go to the trouble it takes to glue down such a delicate object.
I'll share 1 more, the others will premier at Lynn's soon.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Vermilion Flycatcher Bliss, watercolor, drawing, Elderberry blossoms, collage, 15 x 11"
You may notice the elderberry blossoms in this one, which I posted about gathering a few weeks ago. there are 2 things I love about this bird; the name Vermilion, one of my favorite colors, and that it catches flies, one of my least favorite creatures.

And speaking of couples, we have adopted a nick name for ourselves, along with the birds; "country copulatives". It is a phrase lifted from W. Shakespeare's As You Like It, recently enjoyed outdoors at Josephine Sculpture Park. It is showing this weekend, it's so fun.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Collages at Art Sale Soiree

I love creating events with an appointed date. This gives me perimeters by which to create new work. For my trip to Boulder and the Soiree event at Lynn's I wanted to travel light and bring non framed works on paper.
© Kathleen O'Brien, "Dear Swallow", watercolor,
drawing, botanicals, stamp collaged, 11x8"
All I will divulge now is about this series of 8 collages that have a vintage Romanian bird stamp. There is a drawing of postcard with a message, of my universal language, to that bird.

More later...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Walnut Ink Drawings

Premiering at the Art Sale Soiree - 30 Walnut Ink Drawings. They are my favorites and after much thought I decided that I could part with them.
© Kathleen O'Brien, "Where the Bees Are", walnut ink drawing
with A&H card, 11x8"
Each drawing has a 1894 Arm and Hammer Trade Card, gorgeous chromolithographs, that can slide out of the Japanese paper slips so you can read the back. I did not want to glue them.
© Kathleen O'Brien,  walnut ink instructions with A&H card, 11x8"
I made the ink from walnuts form the back yard tree. Each drawing comes with this print of the instructions on how to make the ink, if you dare to get really messy. The ink is such a soft lovely sepia brown.
© Kathleen O'Brien, "Follow the Photon", walnut ink drawing
with A&H card, 11x8"
The drawings are in 2 sizes, 19 x 13" and 11 x 8.5". many of the lines are light and subtle, it is difficult to photograph them and see on a screen, so please come see them in person June 28 at the Art Sale Soiree.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Art Sale Soiree

© Kathleen O'Brien, detail "Dear Bullfinch" collage 11 x 8"

Music by Dexter Payne 

June 28, 2013
6 – 9 pm
Hosted by Lynn Thoré
 4350 Agate Road
Boulder Colorado 80304

Please join Lynn and I for an evening of art, appetizers and music. Some things you will see (and could take home with you!) are Collages, artisan made Walnut Ink Drawings, Take Me Along Journals. You will be serenaded by Dexter’s melodies.
if you can come tell me here so I can roll out the red carpet for you
Kathleen; 859 734 7731 until June 19
                859 612 4289 after June 20
Lynn; 303 444 5336