Thursday, March 20, 2014

Art Movement Gallery

What a wonderful way to welcome spring today - meeting the vivacious Sandy Davis of Art Movement Gallery. It was instant friendship as we dallied in the sunshine. She graciously drove here to pick up my Liminal Space to bring to the Gallery.
Sandy Davis with Liminal Space
Sandy's mission is Kentucky art to the people through local businesses. Feeling that work spaces should inspire and be refreshing, she works with businesses who can create gallery walls. Art moves in The Art Movement Gallery and, each season, a new piece of local art replaces the one before so each piece can be seen by as many eyes as possible.

She is very enthusiastic about selling artist's work in this innovative way. She is very open to finding new artists from the Commonwealth, as well as businesses that want to uplift their environment with art.

Artists and businesses: she has made it very easy to be accepted into her fold! Look here for submission process.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Liminal Space, 38 x 30"

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sun Worship, a drawing

Will this winter ever end? I tell my students, "Consider the power of art." If you need light, get out your yellows and make a sun.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Sun Worship, drawing on Twinrocker Linen paper, 20 x 15"

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Collaged Cuff Talisman

Rising to a challenge by my friend Elizabeth, I am branching into jewelry. It is exciting to approach it with the intention of creating  tiny works of art as a power object - a talisman - to wear. So tapping into my bead hoard I made this piece, Garnet Cuff. The starting inspiration was a Merino Shibori scrap by my friend, Laverne Zabielski. 
©Kathleen O'Brien, Garnet Cuff, 1500 year old Roman garnet beads, vintage Italian, horn, mother of pearl, glass & metal filigre beads and fabric

©Kathleen O'Brien, Garnet Cuff, vintage button, vintage Italian, magenta horn, coral & hand made beads by Bonnie Blincoe

©Kathleen O'Brien, Garnet Cuff, front finished

©Kathleen O'Brien, Garnet Cuff, stitches inside on the Belgian linen

©Kathleen O'Brien, Garnet Cuff, laying out the design

©Kathleen O'Brien, Garnet Cuff, choosing beads and yarns

©Kathleen O'Brien, Garnet Cuff, stitching the fabrics together as a start

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lesley Patterson-Marx, printmaker

for my solo show this May at MS Rezny Studio/Gallery, Lesley Patterson-Marx will be my guest artist. Ever since I saw her in a show we were both in - next to each other- at Art of Collage and Assemblage, Halpeth Hall College in Nashville, Tennessee, I have been entranced by her work.
©Kathleen O'Brien, with my and Lesley's work.
Her tiny worlds are made with great care and decision. 
Lesley Patterson-Marx, Flower House, photo KO'B
They are places of warmth where it is easy to reside.
Lesley Patterson-Marx, Homeing Pigeon, photo KO'B
Please stay tuned for more posts about our show. We still need to give it a title and she has sent me some etchings for me to draw on. So I still have lots of work ahead, to add to the drawings started in January.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Free Tip for Computor Light Sensitivity

Last summer while in Colorado I learned from my friend Dr. Rebecca Hutchins about using Rose colored glasses for sensitivity to computer and TV light and photophobia. Since getting mine, I can spend a much longer time looking at the screen comfortably.
©Kathleen O'Brien, rose colored glasses for bead project outside
At Niwot Vision, Rebecca prescribes the FL-41 tint , usually at 50%. It costs about $50. to tint new lenses. It has made a huge difference for my work on the computer. And I like to work outside whenever possible. 

Click here to learn more about rose colored glasses.