Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Nesting" at Kentucky Crafted: the Market

©O'Brien detail Nesting, 22x30" mm collage
This is a detail from a large collage that I was excited to show at Kentucky Crafted: the Market. It was produced over a period of days, as my first grandchild came into the world. (This post is late, as we then journeyed to meet our beloved babe.) It was quite a wild time for all the Marketeers, as we withstood tornado warnings huddled in the storm shelter. Everyone was happy about the new location at the Lexington Convention Center.
©O'Brien's booth at KY Crafted: the Market 2012

Botanical Fanatical

Imagine how the Viburnum, Rosemary and Lilacs smell. The spring rush is early this year, and I wanted to share the inspiration that surrounds me. This awesome miracle of continual bloom is the reason I always include botanicals in my artwork. I strive to create my life as an art form, integrating all my activities with art. I tend gardens of vegetables, but  flowers  truly feed my soul.