Tuesday, July 30, 2013


On July 18 there was a huge turn out of artists,  art advocates and legislators coming together for the reception of THE KENTUCKY ARTISAN CENTER AT BEREA: CELEBRATING 10 YEARS. the beautifully crafted building constructed of Kentucky materials was warmed by several hundred well wishers.
Director Victoria Faoro speaking to us.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Behind and Around the scenes

Last Friday KET, Kentucky Educational Television film crew returned for the second day of filiming for my show on Kentucky Life program this fall. This time it was to shoot the interview and closeups of artwork. Observing the setup was quite a learning experience. I came to appreciate the level of expertise each person brought to the occasion and how well they all worked in harmony with each other.
© Greg Orth, Valerie, Adam, Roger & Prentice

 In the picture above, Roger, the audio supervisor shows Transylvania University intern, Adam how Prentice the videographer (who is fooling around) sets up the lighting on the camera. Valerie, the producer gets her screen set up.
© Greg Orth, Prentice and Valerie
Valerie was very particular about having the light setting just right. She patiently went through many trials with Prentice using his "monkey book" of gels, as she held the white paper to test the color.
© Greg Orth, Prentice, me, Roger & Adam
In this picture we are ready to roll. The light is right and Roger (with the KET shirt) is happy with the sound. Meanwile, Valerie has rearranged the corner of the room where I sit for the interview. We all joke about how everything serves what is seen within the frame of the camera.
© Greg Orth, Valerie and Prentice
After lunch we moved into the studio, where Valerie wanted to shoot closeups of art. Here they are focusing on the AlphaBetaZinnia, AlphaBetaCollages book.
© Greg Orth,Valerie Trimble, producer
Here Valerie checks her screen for accuracy. That rectangle above her head is a reflector.
© Greg Orth,Valerie, Prentice and me drawing on the porch
It was such a perfect day that I drew on the large collage I began on the first filming day. When the weather is like this I prefer to be outside.

In the next post I will show the works in progress I began  for this show. It will air in the fall, I will let you know when.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guest writer, Mariel Smith

As an artist, it is so thrilling to have my art purchased and cherished  by someone like Mariel who can also be  articulate about her decision to acquire what spoke to her. This is what she shared;

by Mariel Smith

I first encountered Light of the Earth 1 at Kathleen's home and studio. My boyfriend Andrew and I were there as part of the annual Art Tour that many local artists participate in. It was my first time at her home, and it was absolutely lovely. We got a tour of the garden, the bread oven, and their lovely home which is full of light, warmth, and color (very welcome on a chilly November day!). 
©Mariel Smith & Cricket, with Light of the Earth 1 by KO'B
As I wandered through her studio and living room, I was stopped short by her collection inspired by Chavaux Cave, a French cave with spectacular prehistoric drawings and paintings in it. Andrew and I had recently watched the documentary about it, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and been transfixed by the depth and beauty of the ancient artwork.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Maestro RC

RC, Jean's partner is such an inspiration, as I mentioned before. What an amazing builder he is. He finds materials everywhere and transforms them into art forms people and animals love to live in. Like the octagonal hen house with painted decorative roof rafters. He recycled silo rings outside it for the structure for protective enclosure. Or the straw bale residence completely powered by the sun. Or the tiny pallet playhouses, with windows and doors, for tiny people. On this visit He was telling me how they are using the wood from their land to make furniture as part of a fire mitigation solution.
One of my favorite things about RC is to hear him sing a melody with his dreamy tenor voice.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jean Pless, artist supreme

My dear friend, Jean Pless always inspires me, since the early 70's. She always creates what she likes, in the moment. She has an ever changing compendium of skills she adds to her seeming bottomless supply of energy for creativity. She is a painter, paints canvases and everything else. She makes the paint and stucco for the walls on the home she has built from materials near at hand. She grows the plants for the landscaping she is in high demand for. She raises Llamas, creates soil and the most vibrant vegetables at a staggering altitude of 9,200'. An exceptional hostess, this time when I visited she served Dandelion Cake. She made 2, and they were GONE before our eyes. Not stopping there, she made me this tea towel with heliographic dye with the recipe written on it.
©Jean Pless, Dandelion Tea Towel, heliographic painting, sharpie
Also this time she shared her enthusiasm for her recent project of making chairs.
In the background you can see her work in progress home. She lives off the grid and does not have a website, otherwise, I would share that with you as well. Next time I will post the video of her partner, RC talking about some of his wood projects. How lucky I am to have 2 such geniuses to fan my flame of creativity. Thank you, Jean!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

KET films on a perfect day

Friday was such a perfect day. 61 degrees in July? And non humid, calm with blue skies! So when the KET, Kentucky Educational Television film crew showed up for the first day of filming the show for Kentucky Life, award-winning series celebrating the people and places of the Commonwealth, we chose to start with filming the gardens, instead of the planned indoor interview.
©Greg Orth, Prentice Walker, KET videographer  
The film crew was so relaxed, they put me at ease and we had a great time together. Valerie Trimble is the producer, Prentice Walker the videographer and Roger Tremaine is the audio technician. I learned a lot about how films are put together, and how much goes into their excellent programming. I recommend you checking out their shows. My show will air in the fall, I'll let you know the date.

It was the first time I had been directed, which I found quite fun. In the afternoon Prentice set up the lights in the studio and they took footage of me collaging and drawing on some abstract paintings I had already started. I also did some walnut ink drawings and painted some brush stokes on a virgin sheet of Arches, which was the first time I let anyone watch me paint. It will be interesting to see how they edit it. 

They return in 2 weeks to do an interview and shoot closeups of the art I have here. I look forward to that time, because it is so enjoyable, and not nerve wracking as I wondered it might be!
©Greg Orth, KO'B with KET film crew Prentice Walker, videographer, Valerie Trimble, producer & Roger Tremaine, audio
Roger, sorry about the gladiola bisecting your face, we'll get a better photo next time.

Friday, July 5, 2013

art sale soiree was hot

It was fulfilling to share my recent work at Lynn's home for the Art Sale Soiree, June 28. Everyone who came was hot for the art, hot for the fabulous music by Dexter Payne, hot for the scrumptious food, and just plain hot. How wonderful it was to welcome dear friends to the scene.