It's rare I do something artistic just for myself. This summer I joined Cynthia Morris's Worlds of Wonder adventure of discovering  the fun of everyday things around us and journaling about it. She posed 12 activities like ride a bike, and we added 12 of our our choosing. We shared our pages on Facebook, and at the end in September whoever finishes is eligible to win prizes. Instead of buying a journal I made signatures out of Arches Cover, wrote the numbers 1 - 24 with the activity on the bottom. When I finished them all I bound them into a journal with a cover that I painted. (not shown) So on this page I post my journal for your enjoyment and inspiration for you to do something creative just for yourself.
©KO'B, WOW  front page
©KO'B, WOW contents

©KO'B, WOW contents
©KO'B, WOW 1, ride a bike
©KO'B, WOW 2, hang out under the stars

©KO'B, WOW 3, alter a book
©KO'B, WOW 3, alter a book, inside

©KO'B, WOW 4, pick something from a vine

©KO'B, WOW 5, go to a yard sale

©KO'B, WOW 6, have a picnic

©KO'B, WOW 7, go to a festival

©KO'B, WOW 8, lie under a tree

©KO'B, WOW 9, attend an outdoor play

©KO'B, WOW 10, get in touch with a body of water

©KO'B, WOW 11, eat a frozen treat

©KO'B, WOW 12, do something new in your neighborhood

©KO'B, WOW 13, visit family

©KO'B, WOW 14, celebrate my birthday

©KO'B, WOW 15, fly in an airplane

©KO'B, WOW 16, celebrate the solstice

©KO'B, WOW 17, celebrate Basil's birthday

©KO'B, WOW 18, make arnica tincture

©KO'B, WOW 19, drive over Trail Ridge Road


©KO'B, WOW 21, have an art sale soiree

©KO'B, WOW 22, harvest herbs

©KO'B, WOW 23, meet a soul friend

©KO'B, WOW 24, film for  a TV show

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Cynthia Morris said...

I love this! It's so great to see each page like this. Thanks so much for putting your heart and talents into Capture the Wow this summer, Kathleen!