My collages—composed of abstract watercolors, drawings, and botanicals—are echoes of the healing realms I experience in meditation. Remaining in this state, the energy of the present moment guides me. The brush glides, making true marks playful and abstract, scribing a universal language or elements of sacred geometry. Serene and vibrant color fills the space. Each stroke leads to the next, revealing stories of time and place for you to inhabit in peace.

 Where I come from

The tranquil beauty of nature is an enduring source of inspiration, and its essence is palpable in all my work. I am interested in what lies beneath the surface appearance of things. Observing a sunflower I ask: What is the sacred geometry of its design, what does it convey, what mystery gives it life?

What I see and then bring into form are creations that reveal the subtle dimensions of reality. I translate nature’s qualities of beauty, transparency, layering, mutability, communication, and life force into art. I express the complexity and fragility of the world. I revere the simplicity and strength of life and nature.

I paint about energy, consciousness, light, and shadow. The cycles of nature, cosmos, and humankind and how they interrelate for mutual benefit inform my work. I explore the interplay of perspective and flatness, time/space, order and chaos. In the moment, the creative flow connects me with my right place where I seek to touch the soul at the deepest level.

I was born in Japan. My artistic family and other places I have lived, especially Italy, and Colorado imbued essential influences that guide my aesthetic. I am primarily self-taught, and acknowledge what I learned from my grandfather, at Kunstshule Rödel, Germany, Corcoran School of Art, Washington, DC, and the Naropa University, Boulder, CO. Also influential were studies with spiritual teachers, Wallace Black Elk and other Native American Elders, and Elizabeth Frediani, founder of Transformational Healing Institute, who instilled grounded methods of soul level healing. I work full time from the home studio I designed and my husband built at Sunwise Farm and Sanctuary.


I believe in eternity. I am at my best when I remember just how long the path is. The sense I experienced as a child was that I did not belong. The structures of religion and military service felt like things imposed rather than chosen. But I did choose, I realize now, because it lead me to search and find myself, my wholeness.
The wisdom of my Native American teachers brought me directly in the center of my heart and soul, where I belong. Experiencing my own essence I learned what I care most about. Knowing about these things opened my desire to express and share what feels true through my art. I want to convey through my art the possibility we all have to access our wholeness and connection with the Source of All Life.
I believe in the following things and convey in my art:
  • ·         The power is in the present moment.
  • ·         To imbue this energy of the present moment in my art is a prayer for the benefit of the person and place it is destined for.
  • ·         The earth is my mother who nourishes me, and it is my responsibility to care for her important place in the cosmos.
  • ·         To show respect and gratitude for all our relations.
  • ·         Being positive is the solution.
  • ·         My feelings are a message system.
  • ·         Transformation happens.
  • ·         Communication is the fundamental tool to achieving wholeness.
  • ·         Mystery inflames my imagination.
  • ·         My ancestors and spiritual guides walk with me, I am not alone.

Where I create from, Sunwise Farm and Sanctuary, is secluded. Here it is quiet enough that I can hear the energy of the moment and express that as I approach the blank paper. Here, there are few interruptions so there is little to do but create and tend garden. I value and believe in the USPS, as I send and receive communiqués and packages from friends, family and collectors. The one thing that will always cause me to investigate is the sound or sight of a bird. One time 13 turkeys were traversing the far hillside. I thought “I’m glad were a sanctuary”.  Lately, it’s the Bob White Quail whose loud call I appreciate hearing. Our neighbor, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill and surrounding neighbors have been improving the habitat to encourage their expansion.