Monday, March 15, 2010

always merry and bright

©Kathleen O'Brien, Always Merry and Bright, 24x12", mm collage

Imagine my surprise when my latest and favorite collaged drawing, always merry and bright, was attracting attention recently at KY Crafted; the Market. It seemed too abstract to have appeal, but i really wanted to show it, and put it right up front where i sat next to my work area.

The phrase always merry and bright was Henry Miller's life-long mantra, and one I adopted since visiting Big Sur.

Did any one have to write out 100 times in school, "I will not..."? This collage series has
always merry and bright written hundreds of times as the first layer. It just made me feel good to write with my fountain pens, and once done the next layers kept laying down one on top of the other.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Always Merry and Bright, detail

It felt like always merry and bright was also the atmosphere of this mini environment, as the booth was awarded the Exhibitors Choice Award. The forsythias, new robin egg blue paint, and vermilion chairs to rest tired feet combined to draw people in to take a few moments to allow the healing feeling of art to happen.
©O'Brien's booth at KY Crafted: the Market 2011