Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jean Pless, artist supreme

My dear friend, Jean Pless always inspires me, since the early 70's. She always creates what she likes, in the moment. She has an ever changing compendium of skills she adds to her seeming bottomless supply of energy for creativity. She is a painter, paints canvases and everything else. She makes the paint and stucco for the walls on the home she has built from materials near at hand. She grows the plants for the landscaping she is in high demand for. She raises Llamas, creates soil and the most vibrant vegetables at a staggering altitude of 9,200'. An exceptional hostess, this time when I visited she served Dandelion Cake. She made 2, and they were GONE before our eyes. Not stopping there, she made me this tea towel with heliographic dye with the recipe written on it.
©Jean Pless, Dandelion Tea Towel, heliographic painting, sharpie
Also this time she shared her enthusiasm for her recent project of making chairs.
In the background you can see her work in progress home. She lives off the grid and does not have a website, otherwise, I would share that with you as well. Next time I will post the video of her partner, RC talking about some of his wood projects. How lucky I am to have 2 such geniuses to fan my flame of creativity. Thank you, Jean!

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