Monday, July 29, 2013

Behind and Around the scenes

Last Friday KET, Kentucky Educational Television film crew returned for the second day of filiming for my show on Kentucky Life program this fall. This time it was to shoot the interview and closeups of artwork. Observing the setup was quite a learning experience. I came to appreciate the level of expertise each person brought to the occasion and how well they all worked in harmony with each other.
© Greg Orth, Valerie, Adam, Roger & Prentice

 In the picture above, Roger, the audio supervisor shows Transylvania University intern, Adam how Prentice the videographer (who is fooling around) sets up the lighting on the camera. Valerie, the producer gets her screen set up.
© Greg Orth, Prentice and Valerie
Valerie was very particular about having the light setting just right. She patiently went through many trials with Prentice using his "monkey book" of gels, as she held the white paper to test the color.
© Greg Orth, Prentice, me, Roger & Adam
In this picture we are ready to roll. The light is right and Roger (with the KET shirt) is happy with the sound. Meanwile, Valerie has rearranged the corner of the room where I sit for the interview. We all joke about how everything serves what is seen within the frame of the camera.
© Greg Orth, Valerie and Prentice
After lunch we moved into the studio, where Valerie wanted to shoot closeups of art. Here they are focusing on the AlphaBetaZinnia, AlphaBetaCollages book.
© Greg Orth,Valerie Trimble, producer
Here Valerie checks her screen for accuracy. That rectangle above her head is a reflector.
© Greg Orth,Valerie, Prentice and me drawing on the porch
It was such a perfect day that I drew on the large collage I began on the first filming day. When the weather is like this I prefer to be outside.

In the next post I will show the works in progress I began  for this show. It will air in the fall, I will let you know when.

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