Saturday, June 29, 2013

UK Wood-firing at the ArtFarm

Earlier in April, Hunter Stamps,  Assistant Professor of Ceramics, University of Kentucky gave us a fascinating demonstration of the  UK Anagama Wood Kiln.It is the hottest wood fire we have ever experienced. The temperature reaches2340 degrees.  His explanations give us a deeper appreciation of pottery fired by this intensive method. 

The process involves keeping a fire going for 4 full days. Each day requires about 1 cord of wood. He and his students were burning wood donated that would otherwise be headed for landfill.  This inferno is fed every few minutes around the clock. Hunter had asked Greg about his wood fired bread oven because he wanted to build a temporary one so they could cook pizzas during this long venture. Nice teacher! You can see their oven midway in the video. It took a full week for the kiln to cool down. When unloaded the beautiful effects of flame and ash on the many objects inside were revealed. I am so glad I met Hunter through the Al Smith Fellowship 2012, Kentucky Arts Council. 

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