Sunday, June 9, 2013

Walnut Ink Drawings

Premiering at the Art Sale Soiree - 30 Walnut Ink Drawings. They are my favorites and after much thought I decided that I could part with them.
© Kathleen O'Brien, "Where the Bees Are", walnut ink drawing
with A&H card, 11x8"
Each drawing has a 1894 Arm and Hammer Trade Card, gorgeous chromolithographs, that can slide out of the Japanese paper slips so you can read the back. I did not want to glue them.
© Kathleen O'Brien,  walnut ink instructions with A&H card, 11x8"
I made the ink from walnuts form the back yard tree. Each drawing comes with this print of the instructions on how to make the ink, if you dare to get really messy. The ink is such a soft lovely sepia brown.
© Kathleen O'Brien, "Follow the Photon", walnut ink drawing
with A&H card, 11x8"
The drawings are in 2 sizes, 19 x 13" and 11 x 8.5". many of the lines are light and subtle, it is difficult to photograph them and see on a screen, so please come see them in person June 28 at the Art Sale Soiree.

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