Sunday, April 6, 2014

National Tartan Day

April 6 is National Tartan Day. As an Irish person, I am proud to wear the O'Brien tartan, created to honor my ancestor, High King Brian Boru, who united the clans of Ireland in a 20 year period of peace 1000 years ago this year. He died after the battle of Clontarf April 23, 1014.
O'Brien Tartan, from The Scottish Register of Tartans
From The Scottish Register of Tartans: Designed by Australian Edward John O'Brian or O'Brien and available for use by all of the name. Colour significance: two red stripes represents the two victorious battles of Brian Boru (978 & 1014); Pale Blue represents ancient Royal Blue which was one of the battle and court colours used by Brian Boru; Gold represents the trimming used for Brian Boru's battle and court colours; Green represents the modern Irish emerald green of the shamrock; Saffron represents the colour used in ancient Ireland dating from 2000 years ago. Usually ordered from D C Dalgliesh.

Commonwealth of Kentucky Tartan
from Kentucky United Pipes and Drums
A RESOLUTION supporting the Kentucky Tartan.

WHEREAS, Senate Resolution 155 of the 105th United States Congress designated April 6 of each year as "National Tartan Day" to honor those Americans of Scottish descent who played an integral role in the founding of our great nation, and recognizing the achievements and contributions made by Scottish Americans in the fields of science, technology, medicine, government, politics, economics, architecture, literature, media, and visual and performing arts; and

WHEREAS, in 2001, the first year of the new millennium, Kentucky will host the International Highland Games at Glasgow, Kentucky; thus, it is appropriate and fitting that Kentucky have an official Kentucky Tartan that can be worn with pride and honor, and that represents the many early settlers and trailblazers of this great Commonwealth that were of American Scottish descent; and

WHEREAS, Kentucky is bounded on the north by the Ohio River and on the west by the Mississippi River, and between these boundaries are two of the largest man-made lakes in the world, Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, and the blue water of these rivers, lakes, and other streams is represented by the
blue in the Kentucky Tartan; and

WHEREAS, Kentucky was the birthplace of both presidents in the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, born in Hodgenville in Larue County, and Jefferson Davis, born near Fairview in Christian County, and the Kentucky Tartan's blue and gray represents the brave soldiers who fought during the Civil War; and

green and bluegreen in the Tartan represents Kentucky's bluegrass where magnificent thoroughbreds graze and frolic among the few that are training for the Kentucky Derby which is held each year on the first Saturday of May; and

WHEREAS, Kentucky is located in the geographic area known as the Bible Belt; many brave and courageous Kentuckians of American Scottish descent fought and died for religious freedom and independence, and
white in the Kentucky Tartan represents their purity, goodness, bravery and valor; and

WHEREAS, the official state bird is the Kentucky Cardinal, and
red in the Tartan represents the precious blood that was shed by many American Scottish citizens of this great Commonwealth in the defense of freedom; and

WHEREAS, the Tartan's bright
yellow represents the Goldenrod, Kentucky's state flower; and the black "window pane check" in the Tartan represents the Commonwealth's coal and oil resources;

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the General 
 Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

Section 1. The House of Representatives is proud to endorse the Kentucky Tartan and deems our great Commonwealth fortunate to host the International Highland Games in Glasgow, Kentucky, in the year 2001. The participants in these Scottish games will receive the outpouring of Kentucky hospitality that has always been indicative of the Bluegrass State.

Section 2. When the House of Representatives adjourns on January 20, 2000, it does so in strong support of the endorsement of the Kentucky Tartan.

Section 3. The Clerk of the House of Representatives is hereby directed to transmit a copy of this Resolution to The Scottish Coalition, P.O. Box 1307, North Riverside, Illinois 60546. 

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