Sunday, September 29, 2013

Through Art You Meet the Nicest People

My recent reception for Light, as a Feather at Tribeca Trunk was a big success with 8 sales so far. The even more fulfilling aspect for me is making new friends with the people who support the arts by buying art. First of all, I am so pleased to get to know Becky Neal Ochenkoski, owner of TT and enthusiastic art collector. What intrigued me was that she curated some of my most subtle, and favorite artworks to be shown together.
©Greg Orth, KOB & Ochenkoski with 3 Book of Light pages & 3 Treasure Maps, collages by Kathleen O'Brien
Becky's assistant, Sydney Fulkerson, is starting to collect art early in her life. She is enrolled at UK studying Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles major with a minor in Business. It pleases me deeply that a student would value my art to the extent that she would acquire 2 pieces, Homage for Nightingale & Light of Autumn 4. 

In Sydney's words: "I was drawn to Homage to Nightingale because of the text about the Nightingale and how the male sings a love chant. I am giving this to my parents as a gift for Christmas for them to hang in their lake house that they built for their 25th anniversary."

"I was drawn to Autumn Light 4 for the colors, but also mainly for the word "elegant" used in the piece next to the long, thin, simple leaf used that also represents "elegant." The piece spoke to me on a personal level, as I like to think of myself as being somewhat of an "elegant" person."
©Greg Orth, KO'B with Sydney Fulkerson holding Homage to Nightingale & Light of Autumn 4, collages by Kathleen O'Brien
Jeff Kerr & Sharon Tognoni fell in love with Memories of Summer 3 and I fell in love with them. Jeff is in real estate and they have been decorating their new condo. How I love that they are decorating with my art! It means so much to an artist to hear about the joy it brings in to a person's home environment. I enjoyed hearing Sharon's plans for their fresh rooms. 

In Jeff's words: "The painting, Memories of Summer 3, spoke to us immediately,yielding a peaceful feeling of effervescent joy. The summer days are fading with the cool silver rain, causing the leaves to descend with the lasting memories of another resplendent summer in Kentucky, to linger in our hearts and minds forever. Memories of Summer 3 is a reflection of a lasting and beautiful sensation of contentment, that is harmonious with humanity and nature. WE LOVE IT !!!!!" 

©Greg Orth, KO'B with Jeff & Sharon in front of  Memories of Summer 3, collaged drawing by Kathleen O'Brien
So thank you to those others who will bring home my art from this show and all of those of you who shared your appreciation of my art. It means so much to hear things like,
"this isn't just art, this is a 
window into the universe." 
WOW! that adds up to success for me.

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