Sunday, September 22, 2013

4:44 pm today

Autumn arrives later today, bringing with it a whole new perspective, the power of strength & introspection. 
It is a time of equilibrium & balance, thankfully.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Equinox, Day = Night, diptych collage with gold leaf & zinnia petals, 24 x 24"
Autumn is associated with the direction West, & the element of water. Some of the other associations; 
Animal, Bear      Color, Black 
      Time of Day, Sunset     Time of Life, Middle Age
 Ancestral Observance, Samhuin      

 Gift of foreknowledge

time of learning how to be comfortable with not knowing allowing trust instead of control

place of the ancestors,
who stand behind us to help break harmful family patterns

time of letting go of our attachments

place of the sitting meditation 

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