Sunday, September 22, 2013

Free 4 the picking

First of all, Welcome to you, Autumn at 4:44 pm ET today.
Here is a sneak peak for some collages I am working on for the Open Studio November 2-3. For some mysterious reason I am inspired by numbers and geometry lately. This is a series about Magic Squares.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Magic Square of 4, in shadow
The series began with the thought of using my 4 leaf clovers. Walking the Corgis at a brisk pace, I will suddenly stop and gaze at a 4 leaf clover. It is so mysterious to me, this has happened countless times.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Magic Square of 9, in process
I am not bragging, but my poor husband has never found one. This does not mean he is poor, but we have been putting our heads together about how we could transfer this luck to the lottery. Does anyone have any suggestions? 
©Kathleen O'Brien, Magic Square of 16, in process
Oh, do come to the Open Studio, maybe you can take one of these home with you for a little bit of luck. Or find one yourself on our trails. there must be hundreds out there!

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