Thursday, September 5, 2013

3 Talismans at Tribeca Trunk

When I created these collages I added talismans for each bird represented in the art. It is my way of sending a prayer of gratitude to that bird for being here to delight us. Everything has a spirit. Birds  have a soaring spirit. Birds have always represented spirit in my art. Birds are a connection to  inspiration. So I am happy to have these 3 collages for the Light, as a feather exhibit at Tribeca Trunk, September 19 - 30. Below are 3 details.
Kathleen O'Brien, Talisman for Lark Buntings, detail 

Kathleen O'Brien, Talisman for Chikadee, detail
Kathleen O'Brien, Talisman for Grey Vireo, detail

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Kathleen O'Brien said...

I am thrilled to sell "Talisman for Lark Buntings" to Cassie Holiday Harpel because she loves it so much.