Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sharing Figs

Part of everyday for the past few weeks is spent gathering figs. And we are also harvesting our first lemons. Imagine.
©Greg Orth, figs and lemon
For YOU and the 5th annual Open Studio I have concocted a fig, lemon, caramelized onion & orange thyme jam to go on crackers we'll make in the bread oven. (see next week's post about Greg's wood fired oven). 
©Greg Orth, fig tree & 6' zinnias
Gratefully, we had plenty of rain this summer so our fig tree this year is immense, with hundreds of figs. And we were looking up at those zinnias, unbelievable. Along with giving bags of figs away, eating fresh ones everyday, i have made fig - lemon marmalade, fig - orange marmalade and dried so many. Soon your can taste for yourself

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