Friday, October 26, 2012

Surprise Gifts for the Correct Answers

Everything is getting reorganized. Everything is within reach, yet it also has an inspiring appearance to my specs. After finishing many new artworks, it is a relief to put everything away until the next onslaught of ideas that brim over. + having your studio open and scrutinized is a great excuse to clean up.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Studio Corner
So here is a challenge: answer a question about the photo correctly to receive a surprise gift. The first person to answer each question gets one, 1 to a customer. (zoom in) Bring your answer to the Open Studio. Look closely because I will remove some things.
  1. Which box do I keep mica in?
  2. Who is the reigning artist on view?
  3. How many animals do you see?
  4. What series is that collage from?
  5. Which State bird is there?
  6. How many triangles/pyramids are there?
  7. What is that blue semi-circular thing?
  8. What is in the longish black box, and what's on top of it?

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