Saturday, October 20, 2012

Preview of Grounds for Open Studio Part 3

Greg Orth will be here to show his wood fired masonry Bread Oven. He recently published his book through Amazon.comMy Experience Using "The Bread Builders" Book, or How I Made a Masonry Wood Fired Oven [Kindle Edition]. We'll have some food prepared from it on hand for you.
©K. O'Brien, Greg's Bread Oven
In the niche next to the oven door is a homage to the Goddess of the Furnace, Fornax. Greg cleverly made the handle from a plaster tool. Ever the problem solver. This is a good view of the opening where he scrapes the ashes into.
© K. O'Brien, Fornax, clay, metal, glass
This is one of his gargoyles on the back of the oven.
©K. O'Brien, gargoyle 
Here Greg is building the oven...
©K. O'Brien, building the oven

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