Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Preview of Open Studio Grounds

Yesterday I strolled around taking pictures so you could see some of the destinations on our grounds you might like to walk to or sit at. I will post more in the next couple of days...
©K. O'Brien, east porch
Most likely, you will begin from the east porch. Depending on the weather you may sit or gaze from all 4 sides of our glorious porch.
©K. O'Brien, east yard
Greg is proud of his standing stones seen (vaguely) in the middle. He created a stone bench just off to the right of the stone lantern. Everyone asks, what are those blocks in the distance. They are Cempo, the material Greg built our house with.
©K. O'Brien, Super Collider Conductor
As you arrive, on the bend of our driveway is a kinetic sculpture, Super Collider Conductor. It is a collaboration between Greg and I. If you stand within 5 feet it will transport you to another dimension.

Check tomorrow for more touring.

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