Friday, October 19, 2012

Studio Tour of Fox Hutt's Weaving

As you may know, Fox Hutt is one of 7 this year on the Art Trial 2012. She is presenting her weavings in her beautiful custom studio. For food for the body she is serving her super- nutritious food, home grown biodynamically. Her story about this weaving is inspiring.
©Fox Hutt, Nags Head Dawn, 25" x 22"
She says, "I received channeled information that a trip to the ocean would help shake up my creativity, so several years ago I drove by myself to Nags Head, NC, and stayed several days meditating, walking on the beach and taking photos. It was a wonderful experience, one I consider a turning point for me. I think acting on this channeled advice helped me with my faith, and my creativity."

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