Monday, February 17, 2014

Re: Rethink Recycling

The Community Arts Center's 2014 blockbuster exhibit, "RE," encourages our community to rethink recycling. The exhibit explores art made from recycled or repurposed materials and the impact its creation has on the artist, the arts world, our community and our environment. It runs through Sunday, March 30. Check their site for workshops and activities.

In the upstairs gallery there are samples of artist's works using recycled objects. I have about 6 objects there, some dating back to 1971 when I was doing bead-work combined with found objects. I love bringing out some oldies but goodies, like the ones below.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Perspective, 1978, drawings, run-over glasses frame, lenses, mallard feathers, chain, phone wire

©Jerry Downs photo, Window Seat, 1986, oil painting, painted box, mirrors, porcelain doll, marble, lucite spacer, feathers

©Jerry Downs photo, Kiva, 1987, oil paintings, cedar box, ant hill pebbles, tiny figures

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