Monday, February 3, 2014

5 things I am grateful for

Happy birthday, Alyson Stanfield. and thank you for posing a challenge to us on your day. You know, I always like to play. So here goes, with challenge #5, my gratitudes.
©Joe King, A & B in 1982
1. My 2 children, shown here years ago at the Washington zoo. And added to this, my wonderful son in law and grandchild.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Greg with our first Corgi pup
©Kathleen O'Brien, Greg doing his favorite thing, driving in Big Sur
2. My wonderful husband, who is unconditionally loving and kind, supportive of all things positive. 
©Kathleen O'Brien, various papers I use in art making

©Kathleen O'Brien, Studio storage and inspiration shelf
3. An abundance of art supplies that reside in a perfect studio.
©Greg Orth, Alyson & I at Art Sale Soiree last June 
4. For Alyson Stanfield coming to my Art Sale Soiree while in Boulder last summer.
©Greg Orth, me cooking on the wood stove during a power outage
5. For our trusty wood stove keeping us warm in Arctic Vortexes. And for the security of knowing we can cook and heat water for watering can showers during power outages.

So I hope your day is full of surprises, Alyson. Thank you for all you have taught me.

Artists; if you need help with your business, Alyson's site is the place to start.  

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