Saturday, February 8, 2014

Floral Freeway Project

What an exciting project for us 25 artists, a real challenge, and for such a good cause. Join us form Lexington gallery hop February 21, and read on...
©Becky Ochenkoski, Floral Freeway announcement
I'm going backwards, here, showing my pre-wrapping. Transporting it was a challenge but I had the perfect box. I added the Give into the Groove label that came in the mail.
©Kathleen O'Brien, surprise art inside
©Kathleen O'Brien, Bees Nest , 12x5x5"
This is the finished Bees Nest. You can't see all the jewels hanging down. The fun part was chooseing vintage beads, some 200 years old and semi-precious stones and charms. That's a giclee print of Bee's Eye View collage. When unfolded it reveals a lovely Yeats poem, “The Stare's Nest by my Window”.
©Kathleen O'Brien, 3 cuffs woven into a nest seen from underneath
I used 3 of the cuffs weaving them together with cord and strips of paper. It is lined with an abandoned bird nest.
©Kathleen O'Brien, the package from tribeca trunk opened
It was a nice surprise to get this in the mail with an invitation to participate in the project.  Link to the 25 artists and read more about the project here, and do join us. It will be fun to see what everybody has designed from the cuffs.

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