Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Revels

After the Open Studio and all the followup I was ready for a rest. For Holiday Revels exhibit at M S Rezny Studio/Gallery, I gave myself permission to choose whatever was at hand. But this year the annual show that features the 8 gallery artists is a benefit for the Hospice of the Bluegrass Fund for Art so I challenged myself to finish 3 artworks that had been avoiding completion.

Holiday Revels was begun last December as a chronicle to all the amazing days of that month, from the Halcyon Days, Day Out of Time, birthdays of my 2 muses Henry Miller, 12.26 and Joseph Cornell, 12.24. Solstice (remember last year 12.21.12 the end of the Mayan Calendar!) the day of the return of the Kachinas who help us through the dark time. Can you see 2 in this collaged watercolor?
©Kathleen O'Brien, Holiday Revels, 20x16x2,
watercolor, pencil, mistletoe, holly, rose petals
As Above, So Below was started last July as a demonstration for the KET filming of The Transparent Nature show.
It  is one in a series I am continuing about numbers, geometry, math. You might have to see this one in person to see the details... 

©Kathleen O'Brien, As Above, So Below, 30x22,
watercolor, pencil, found objects
There Are Places I'll Remember All My Life 1 has gone through a metamorphosis since its pastel beginnings. For about a year traveling the world has been a theme. This one has traces of the symbols used to depict being in different places.
©Kathleen O'Brien, There Are Places I'll Remember All My Life 1,
24x20, first stage before gluing to panel

©Kathleen O'Brien, There Are Places I'll Remember All My Life 1,
20x16x2, watercolor, pencil, acrylic, flowers, found objects 
I hope you can see the show.

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