Sunday, November 17, 2013

Legacy of the Kentucky Arts Council Visual Arts Fellowships

The reception last Friday for the Kentucky Arts Council's Uncommon Wealth exhibit was truly exceptional. The spacious gallery at the Lyric Theatre was graced with 62 sparkling works of art. The variety represented by the Al Smith Fellowship recipients made it interesting- paintings, ceramics, furniture, bead work, drawing. Fortunately for you, the exhibit will be at the Lyric until January 11, 2014. And after the exhibit travels the state - stayed tuned for updates.

©Greg Orth, Lori Meadows, Executive Director of KAC, KO'B & Mark Whitley, fellow 2012 recipient
I was delighted to be in the company of some of my most admired artist friends: Gwen Heffner, Double White, porcelain, Mark Whitley, Thinking Chair #2, wood, Hunter Stamps, Vicissitude, Ceramic, Marco Logsdon, Circle Painting #3, oil, tar, beeswax and resin on Board, Jeffrey Nichols, Yellow/Red Still Life, earthenware, CJ Pressma, Ruins Overlooking the Pecos River, photographuy, Jennifer Reis, Seven for a Secret, embellished textile assemblage, and more I wished I knew.
©Greg Orth, art and art lovers at the Uncommon Wealth reception
I want to thank all the people who came to show your support! I know you left with smiles on your faces after seeing all this talent displayed in one place.
©Greg Orth, KO'B with Rainbow Parrot, drawing, collage on Panel, 20x16x2"

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