Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring time for a new blog

My desire is to become more articulate about the ideas I want to share with you. Since the beginning of the year I have been studying so I can play with the big kids" (i.e., younger people who are more technical than me). Allow me to be honest and admit that I aspire to be more confident about my writing. In my art my "writing" is the free form script everyone always asks me about. The script is AKA the viewer's story. The script comes out in a loose and fun way, so I get out of having to account for meaning. But know this; my meaning is happiness to you!

Since one main focus in my lifestyle and art is the 4 seasons and 4 directions I will from time to time add an image of one of the 365 postcards from 2006 project, Each Day in the Year of the Fire Dog. The messages illuminate cross-cultural celebrations, holidays and Holy Days. When we learn about all the amazing similarities humans have and how we all like to get down in a jubilant style every so often, sharing good times together (at least we have each other) we can lighten up and celebrate in spirit with each other. This idea also sets me up for blog topics, ones that could inspire you!

Just for fun I wanted to start with the day I met my first grandchild. It touched me when I looked it up that it was Michelangelo's (a guiding spirit for me) birthday as well. Hey, also Einstein's. I KNEW that baby is smart!

O'Brien, Each Day in the Year of the Fire Dog, #45
The Spring Equinox was March 20 this year, same as it was in "06. In the olden days it was called Ostara and that's where the word Easter came from. We love to celebrate the balance of lightness and darkness. My husband likes to prove this by balancing an egg on end. Try it on the Autumn Equinox and let me know if it works. So far, he's the only one I've seen do it, and for a 24 hour period at that!

O'Brien, Each Day in the Year of the Fire Dog, #51
East is the direction we face in the Spring, my Medicine teachers taught me, and the color is yellow. It's like opening the golden door to birth and rebirth.

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