Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pastepaper Papierglyphs 1

Here is an invitation to play, especially if you feel blocked by the dreaded white paper. Make paste paint and do some finger painting! This video show some recent papers that I marked with the idea of petroglyphs in mind. 
This is a theme I have been revisiting, since the power of aboriginal art took hold of me in 1988. Then I produced 100 oil paintings of petroglyphs and pictographs of the southwest US. The appeal was about allowing myself to be reduced to the simplest form of communication about healing and intention. I want to follow the thread of thought began in these works of last year:
Book of Light pages 156, 157, 158, The Good Red Road, the Long Path to Peace, triptych 29x12"
The Petroglyphs in this triptych all represent a gathering together in community. And some of my favorites are more abstract:
Book of Light, page 182, 5x8"
Book of Light, page 182, 5x8"

Next time I will have recipes for paste paint.

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