Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pastepaper Papierglyphs 2

Here is the recipe I used for these paste papers. There are many different variations that you can check out.
1 paste paper I have begun to draw on, stay tuned
1 part cornstarch to 7 parts water
Mix 1 part starch to 1 part water and let it stand while the remaining 6 parts of water is heating. When it boils, remove the water from the heat and pour in the slurry of starch and water while stirring constantly. When the mixture is smooth and translucent let it cool. You can then add color - watercolors, dry pigments, or acrylic.

To paint, dampen text weight paper, plop on some paint, and using a hake cover the paper. Then you can go in and create the textures and marks using your fingers, combs, sticks - use your imagination and have fun.
Book of Light, page 171, 9x9"

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