Sunday, January 12, 2014

Twinrocker Paper

Last week during the arctic vortex we drove to Brookston Indiana, to visit the Twinrocker Paper Mill and store. It was a pilgrimage to see where America's most beautiful paper is made lovingly by hand one sheet at a time. Their client list has included the giants of contemporary art, such as Rauschenberg, Johns, Rosenquist, Motherwell and Dine.
©Greg Orth, Paper making room
The photo was difficult to take, as the front of the building was graced with light coming through glass block. Notice the shine on the floor. That is excess water from the paper mould after lifting out of the pulp vats. The 100 ton hydraulic press is the dark shape on the left. It presses water out of the post of couched papers.
©Greg Orth, choosing papers with Fran's help
We learned how a paper is hot pressed. It does not involve heat at all, but rather the paper is burnished between 2 pieces of metal. It makes the paper smoother, which I need for drawing.
©Greg Orth, Fran hot presses sheets of May linen for me
 Twinrocker makes many types and sizes of paper. They are recognized worldwide for their "Feather"© deckle edges - gorgeous.  I chose some smaller "Simon's Green" sheets.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Twinrocker papers
I have ordered their paper from New York Central Art Supply, but being there to feel it, see it and meet the dedicated people who make and sell it is a cherished experience.

©Kathleen O'Brien, Twinrocker papers, 100% linen, May linen, peach, lavender & Mica Rose


Stacy Wills said...

What a treat to be able to visit the paper mill! I've not heard of this company before, but will definitely check them out! Thank you for the virtual tour!

Kathleen O'Brien said...

Stacy if you work with paper, you will be so impressed with them. Today I was smudging a graphite drawing on their 100% linen paper, and was amazed how the graphite can be extended ever so subtly. You can buy from them or New York Central Art Supply.