Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunflower Sundries

What a pleasure it was to spend time with Jennifer Gleason of Sunflower Sundries fame this weekend. She and her partner Jim camped on our land because they had a booth at the lovely Pleasant Hill Craft Fair just around the corner. It's like the gathering of the tribes, excitedly talking about many things in common - mostly plants - growing, harvesting, cherishing. And what a perfect day today was for visiting the fair.
©Kathleen O'Brien, Jennifer Gleason, of Sunflower Sundries with Greg Orth in front of the Meeting House, Pleasant Hill

We love to entertain, it's a great reason to cook from our garden to serve dear friends. We graciously accepted Jennifer's gifts of asparagus, jams, mustard and soap, the best we've had.

They have been growing food without using chemicals since their first garden in 1972. For 21 years they have been a small family-run business in rural Kentucky. Operating on a small farm, they believe in local and cottage industry practices, meaning they employ their friends and neighbors and buy from local farmers and tradesmen. All of their fruits and vegetables are either grown on their farm or by local farmers with similar farming practices. When you buy their products you are receiving the highest quality products on the market and contributing to the local economy.

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Jennifer Gleason said...

Thanks so much for an inspiring weekend full of finding new friends and good food. We loved your spot on the edge of Shaker Village. Your art so much reflects your surroundings and interior world. Love the photo, we had a wonderful show at Shaker Village Craft Fair.