Thursday, July 21, 2011

what do you see?

©O'Brien, Eagle Feather, 12x19", oil
Talking to a dear Colorado friend  today put a smile on my face when she told me I was currently doing "dimensional art". It made me so happy that it shows in the work on my website, that someone gets it, and further, comments about it because they feel uplifted by it. She was comparing it to an oil painting she bought 20 years ago. One reason she liked it then was that was the view she had driving towards Boulder to work from the plains. She told me she always asks people when they look at this, "what do you see". And she waits for them to see the various objects and animals pictured who are a part of that land. I love this painting and tried to buy it back from her, when I realized I would not be painting like that anymore. I have let my artist self change.

What do you see?

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