Friday, July 8, 2011

going forth

I was going to correct the misspelling in the last post to say "fourth try", but I decided I like the meaning of going forth. one thing that is liberating is to create something just for myself and want to share them here, as I do not put these on my website.
©O'Brien, big cloud, silver lining, 30x22", mm collage
I used some of my Victorian stickers to represent my kids. I never use magazine pictures in my collages, so this was a fun indulgence for me. That's the good red road leading west where they live. I journaled around and around the edges creating a frame.
©O'Brien, wedding garden, 30x22, mm collage
 I created this one to celebrate my daughter and son in law's wedding under the rainbows and stars where they had their first kiss.

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