Saturday, May 18, 2013

to do or not to do...

Sometimes at the end of the day I wonder what I did (though I never stopped)  and why I did not cross off anything from my to do list. Well, "must catch Bee swarm" or "must gather Elder Blossoms" was not on that list.
© K O'Brien, Elder Berry Blossoms on the bush
Last year I planted an elder Berry bush so I could make Sambacus Syrup for colds. Figuring the biggest challenge would be to keep the birds away, I was surprised this (busy) morning to notice the blossoms were falling. 
© K O'Brien, Elder Berry Blossoms gathered
Since botanicals are a main component in my collages, I was thrilled to have a new kind to use, and set about gathering the wet from rain beauties. Of course, some blew away...we're working with gentle things here.
© K O'Brien, Elder Berry Blossoms ready to press 
Now comes the long task of placing them away from each other, after getting the dew off, on sheets in the phone book before they wither. This process from start to finish takes over 2 hours and more time to press and dry. So there is plenty of time to consider why I do this. 

In my art work botanicals represent and express the fragility, strength, beauty, intelligence and power of the earth. They are what I see and interact with every day.
© K O'Brien, Forget Me Not, Hydrangea & 4 Leaf Clover
on Belonging & Longing 2 detail 
Looking back, flowers have always held an important place for me from Flower Power, to making flower Essences, to Power Flowers, to growing many varieties on our farm for table and the Bees. In my opinion our very existence depends on things botanical.

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