Sunday, March 3, 2013

Realms of Wonder

My latest collages are featured in a solo show at MS Rezny Studio/Gallery in Lexington, Kentucky from April 1- 30. The artist reception will be in conjunction with the LexArts Gallery Hop on April 19, 5-8 pm. Each Saturday of the month I will be at the gallery from 12-3 pm to talk to visitors about the art.
©2013 Kathleen O'Brien 3 Worlds, MM Collage 22x15"
Look for some samples I will post in the upcoming days. These collages—composed of abstract watercolors, drawings, and botanicals—are echoes of the healing realms I experience in meditation. Remaining in this state, the energy of the present moment guides me. The brush glides, making true marks playful and abstract, scribing a universal language or elements of sacred geometry. Serene and vibrant color fills the space. Each stroke leads to the next, revealing stories of time and place for you to inhabit in peace.

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