Monday, May 7, 2012

Petals a'plenty

People are surprised to learn the petals in my collages are the real thing, and ask why I add them.

I love flowers, their inherent qualities speak to me on many levels.

Flowers literally speak to me.
poppy petals, before and after pressing

Granted, not all the time - just when I am silent, and when I ask them to speak up so in my density I might lighten up to their joyful fragility.

The consciousness of a flower is the essential ingredient in the production of a flower essence, a subtle energy remedy. The fragrance of essential oils of Neroli, Rose or Jasmine send me to an incomparable place of comfort.

A calm day's view across the garden causes me to simply gaze at natures perfection for as long as possible. They are  food for the soul - there must always be a vase of flowers on the table along with a bowl of salad with violets, arugula flowers, stuffed squash blossoms.

Is there anything more ephemeral?

Just as the lilacs fade along come the Iris, Royal Lilies, Morning Glories - each one taking the place of the former so i don't feel lonely in the missing.

They remind me of the profound lessons of the seasons and directions we face in our evolutionary continuation of life and what we will let go of.

Most importantly flowers serve the Bees.

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